Andover, Massachusetts (1997)

B.Rule & Company obtained the chassis and double-rise bellows for this organ from the Organ Clearing House, which had removed the organ from the Globe Congregational Church of Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The organ was the last organ to leave the E.L. Holbrook shop as a two-manual 11 stop instrument in 1899.

B.Rule & Company built an entirely new case, all new key action, new wind lines, a new swell box and a new 30 note pedalboard. Considerable new pipework was provided (from Paul Byron, Pipemaker, Maine) and the organ was enlarged to 14 Stops.

The dedication was played by John Skelton on June 21, 1997. Mr. Skelton is an
Instructor at University of New Hampshire.




8 Open Diapason 8 Stopped Diapason
8 Chimney Flute (Wood) 8 Gamba TC
4 Octave 4 Traverse Flute (wood)
2 Fifteenth (from IV) 2 Principal
2 Mixture IV 8 Oboe
8 Trumpet



Usual three couplers
16 Bourdon Tremolo
8 Principal Compass 61/30
4 Choral Bass