B. Rule and Company

Our congregation has been delighted with the organ. Everyone agrees that you have created an instrument that is both lovely to hear and to see.

Joyce Painter Rice

Music Director, West Parish Church

“Bradley Rule’s work exemplifies sound principles of design, quality construction, and outstanding thoroughness and sensitivity in voicing.”

John Brock

University of Tennessee

“We selected Bradley Rule who has just refitted the organ, and we have been joyously stunned by the changes he has made!  In short, we are overjoyed and if you ever have occasion to recommend Brad again, please do so with our highest endorsement.”

Tom Wilkinson

St. James Episcopal Church

“I examined the organ…and found it to be a wonderful example of organ building art and science. It certainly meets and exceeds any expectations! Of the many organs we inspect, few have been this well installed or adjusted.”

Scott Riedel